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Used with the 6" random-orbit electric sander, this kit is perfect for getting started in sanding and polishing epoxy resin, allowing you to progressively increase the fineness of grit until you reach your desired level of shine.

The kit includes five each of 80x, 120x, 180x, 240x, 320x, 400x and 600x Abranet 6" abrasives. For more refined sanding, progress to the Polarstar 6" 15-hole film-grip discs, either 1200x or 1500x; recommended for wet sanding, each grit comes in a package of 50 discs.

For an even finer finish, the kit includes a package of ten 2000x Abralon 6" foam-grip discs, also recommended for use with water. After sanding to your desired finish, apply Polarshine 10 polishing compound (250ml bottle included) using a 6" flat-faced foam polishing pad (package of two included).

A final buffing using a 6" lamb’s wool pad (package of two included) should get your epoxy resin project to a near glass-like finish.

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