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For use with the 6" random-orbit electric sander, the Golden Finish kit is a great automotive post-paint solution to get your car looking its best.

Level out the paint and get rid of any defects using the Golden Finish-1 grip discs (box of 50). Using the grip-faced firm interface pad (box of 5) helps to produce a more consistent and even result on the curves and contours.

After wiping the area with the microfiber cloth, use the Golden Finish-2 grip discs (box of 15) to condition out any scratches on the surface. The disc and area should be lightly sprayed with water before sanding.

Wipe the surface area clean with the microfiber cloth. Begin polishing by using the 6" yellow lambswool pad with Polarshine 20 polishing compound. To add a final sheen to the paint and to remove any holograms or micro-marring (especially on darker cars), use the Polarshine polishing compound VF5 with the 6" black waffle polishing pad.

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