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Discontinued. Limited stock.

Intended for polishing automotive finishes, these pads also excel at applying stains and waxes to wood. Made of thousands of fibers bonded to a foam core, they attach to any random-orbit sander with a hook-and-loop disc.

Only a small amount of finish is required, since the fibers spread it evenly and efficiently while burnishing the surface. Used with paste wax or oil, they yield a deep luster. While these pads work well with most oil-based stains, they are ideal for use with wiping stain. Use with aniline dyes is not recommended because they penetrate so quickly.

Slightly oversized to allow application in corners or recessed areas, the 6 1/2" pad works best with 6" sanders and the 5 1/2" is for those 5" or smaller. Sold in packages of two with instructions, they are easily cleaned with mineral spirits.

Made in USA.

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