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These abrasive pads feature an open flexible structure that produces a dense scratch pattern and rapid results. They are long lasting and can be used for wet or dry sanding. They work well for scuff sanding between coats and for flattening raised grain after using water-based sealers or stains.

Unaffected by typical wood-finishing solvents, the 1/8" thick pads conform to contoured surfaces and are easily rinsed clean with water. The 360x pad uses aluminum oxide abrasive; the rest are silicon carbide. Both sides of the pad are usable. They are a durable all-round product – the “jack of all applications.”

For power sanding, a net spacer interface is sold separately to use between the tool’s grip pad and Mirlon or Mirlon Total pads for improved grip and enabling dust collection.

Available in 360x, 800x, 1500x and 2500x. (A sample pack is sold separately at a saving of 20% compared to buying the pads individually.)

Made in Finland.

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