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These discs, with aluminum oxide bonded to a tough polyamide mesh, allow sanding dust to be drawn through the entire disc. This maximizes dust recovery as it resists loading, increasing abrasive efficiency and reducing disc wear.

Usable on any 5" orbital sander with integral dust collection, they are best used with a platen protector (sold separately), which prevents damage to the platen’s hook facing and further improves airflow to the collection holes. An optional 3/8" thick foam interface pad is also available for contoured surfaces (can also be used with a platen protector).

For greater collection efficiency, we offer a 30-hole retrofit platen separately that is compatible with sanders that have a three-bolt pattern for installation.

This versatile system also shines in fine-grit, between-coat finish sanding, where stray grit particles can otherwise be a problem. Available in eight regular grits (80x, 100x, 120x, 150x, 180x, 220x, 240x, 320x). Priced per disc.

Made in Finland.

A sample pack of 10 discs (two each of 80x, 120x, 180x, 220x, 320x) is available separately.

A fine range of five grits from 400x to 1000x is also available.

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