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Discontinued. Limited stock.

This convenient sanding disc set contains a broad range of grits, with the quantity of each balanced proportionally to match typical consumption rates. The set contains a selection of Rubin abrasives (80x to 180x) for stock removal and finish preparation on bare wood, as well as Granat abrasives (220x to 400x) for fine sanding. All have the FastFix backing for easy changes.

This set is compatible with the Rotex RO 125 FEQ and ETS 125 EQ.

The following discs are included in this set:

  • 20 Rubin P 80 Grit Discs
  • 10 Rubin P 100 Grit Discs
  • 25 Rubin P 120 Grit Discs
  • 25 Rubin P 150 Grit Discs
  • 20 Rubin P 180 Grit Discs
  • 20 Granat P 220 Grit Discs
  • 15 Granat P 320 Grit Discs
  • 15 Granat P 400 Grit Discs


To help keep everything neatly organized, the set comes in its own portable Festool T-Loc Systainer case with a polystyrene divider tray to keep contents separated. Individual price per disc works out to what one would pay for bulk pack pricing, once the price of the Systainer case is deducted.

To order replacement parts for Festool products, please contact our customer service department.