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These drums are popular with cabinetmaking shops because regular sandpaper sheets or rolls can be cut to size to fit the drums. Although paper-backed garnet is recommended, cloth-backed paper or other types can also be used.

The drum is constructed of an aluminum and foam body with a sponge padding, a slot that will hold the ends of the paper, and a locking tube to secure the paper. For use with drills, drill presses, motor arbors, etc. The smallest drum is ideal for carvers, as it can be used with flex shafts or rotary tools. The arbor size has been selected for safest use – drums with a 1/4" or 3/8" shaft are for use in drills, drill presses, etc.; drums with a 1/2" shaft are for use in drill presses or 1/2" motor arbors.

Recommended speed is 1750 rpm with a maximum of 3600 rpm. Sample of sandpaper included.

Made in USA. Measurements given are diameter by length by shaft size.