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For positioning heavy items this powerful and precise tool is a tremendous asset. For example, it can quickly raise a cabinet, window frame or door to the exact height needed, then hold it steady as you drive fasteners. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel and aluminum (the main shaft is 1/2" × 13/16" steel), a single jack makes light work of lifting up to 330 lb. For large projects, two or more jacks can be used in tandem to keep the load level and stable without need of a helper.

A full squeeze raises the lift bars 5/16", and a partial squeeze lets you gradually adjust the position in finer increments, to a maximum height of 8 1/2". If you overshoot the target, a controlled-release lever lets you lower the item in small decrements. A second lever allows a full release, letting the lift bars slide back to the start position.

The lift bars are 6mm (about 1/4") thick steel, with a bevelled edge that makes them easier to slip under an object. For use in narrower spaces, a low-profile 3mm thick base plate and lift bars assembly is available separately.

The jack can be used as a powerful pry, or to lift machinery and appliances to insert shims or adjust levelling feet. It can also be reversed for use as a heavy-duty clamp, helpful for tasks such as forcing bowed deck or floor boards into position before fastening.

Useful and substantial tools, very well made in Norway.

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