Manipulating sheet stock onto a table saw is safest when you have a second pair of hands available. In their absence, this panel lifter provides an assist. Essentially a sturdy lever that clamps to the table edge or fence rail, it has a J-shaped hook at the end that captures the panel, keeping it stable and preventing it from tipping or twisting as you lift.

As you tip the panel onto the table, the table edge acts as a fulcrum, employing leverage to reduce effort, prevent strain, and improve control. Tension on the lifter's guide-arm is adjustable to ensure a controlled swing once the panel is released. An adhesive-backed UHMW bumper adheres to the table edge to prevent marring of the workpiece.

Made in the USA from 1/8" thick epoxy-coated steel, the lifter measures 28" and works with sheet stock up to 1 1/4" thick. To improve safety and control on the table saw, this reliable workshop helper is well worth the investment.