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Regular cleaning of shop vacuum and dust-collector filters improves vacuum efficiency and extends filter life. This handheld spray wand does an impressive job of it. Attached to a regular garden hose, it emits fine, concentrated jets of water, gently but effectively removing caked dust and debris from clogged filters without damaging the filter material.

The slender 7" aluminum shaft reaches into canister-style filters to dislodge packed material from within; the wand can then be used on the outside of the filter, focusing the narrow line of jets into individual pleats to strip away the loosened debris, which simply rinses away.

A simple thumb-operated ball-valve switch controls flow pressure, and the chrome-plated handle has a cushioned coating to provide good grip and insulate your hand against cold water. 13" overall, it fits standard 3/4" threaded hose fittings.

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