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Designed to optimize the built-in dust-collection capability of Mirka tools to make sanding a practically dust-free experience, this high-efficiency vacuum also has an automatic self-cleaning cycle – a particular advantage when using an aggressive sander for heavy stock removal, as it lets you keep working for longer periods without having to clear loaded vacuum filters manually.

The dust collector delivers strong, consistent suction with a powerful turbine that creates a 250 mbar vacuum and 159 cfm of airflow, greatly reducing clean-up time while eliminating stray abrasive particles to help ensure better surface finishes and longer abrasive life.

It also helps avoid health risks associated with airborne dust, with HEPA-certified filtration that removes at least 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

It has an AutoStart mode that activates the vacuum only while the sander is running and turns it off a few seconds after the sander stops to ensure the hose is cleared (using AutoStart with Mirka’s pneumatic sanders requires an accessory control box, sold separately). You can also run the vacuum independently by switching it to manual mode.

The 1000W motor runs quietly with a low noise rating of only 59 dB. Vacuum power is adjustable, and LED and audio signals indicate if the suctions drops due to blockage or if the 30 litre (approx. 1 cu.ft.) dust collection bag is full. Its self-cleaning cycle turns on every 15 seconds to ensure that the filter is clean and blockage-free.

The 22 1/4" × 15 1/8" × 22 1/4" tall unit weighs only 14.5kg (31 lb 15 oz). It has a 12' cord and rolls smoothly on two fixed wheels and two steerable casters.

Additional components, such as vacuum hoses and onboard tool-storage mounts, are sold separately, so you can build your own customized vacuum and tool trolley to match the equipment you own and the type of work you do.

An outstanding complement to the Mirka sanding line, backed by a 2-year warranty.

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