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Discontinued. Limited stock.

The specialty foam inserts fit all T-Loc regular Systainer cases. To create a custom-padded interior, a layer of the base foam is used to pad the bottom and the perforated foam is placed on top. If additional padding is required in the bottom of a case, use a base foam pad plus layers of filler foam.

Divided into more than three hundred 16mm squares, the perforated foam lets you remove squares to form the approximate shape of the contents to give a snug fit that protects the item from being jostled. Additional layers of perforated foam support tall or unbalanced items.

PSA-backed for mounting, the egg-crate lid foam keeps contents secure if the Systainer is tipped. The egg-crate lid foam projects 30mm into the Systainer; base foam is 25mm thick; perforated and filler foam are each 25mm.

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