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Tanos Systainer storage systems are the standard in Europe for organizing and transporting tools, accessories and hardware. Interchangeable storage cases and various components work together as a comprehensive and adaptable modular system, providing space-efficient storage that can be reconfigured for changing needs.

Available in the distinctive Veritas black and yellow color scheme, the mini case is similar in design to the full-size T-Loc Systainer case. It uses a single front-mounted latch to secure the lid and connect to another case above. With overall dimensions of 75mm × 264mm × 170mm (inside measures 50mm × 255mm × 155mm), it can fit neatly inside the larger Systainer cases (four minis fit in a classic or T-Loc Systainer 3 case; two minis fit in a T-Loc Systainer 2 case).

Each mini Systainer case requires one lid foam, and accepts either one perforated foam or one tray (all available separately) for safe, organized storage.

Made in Germany of strong ABS plastic.

Online only.

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