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Wire wheels are useful for removing rust and crust from a variety of items, but most wire wheels leave a distinct scratch pattern and often remove more material than intended. The brass-plated wire used in these wheels is only 0.005" in diameter and it removes surface rust on tools without removing patina.

The combination of 1 3/8" trim length of the wire, and its fineness, delivers more of a polishing action than an abrading action, opening up many uses that coarser wire wheels would never be used for. For example, it does an excellent job of removing stains from carbon-steel knives without leaving visible scratches.

Another feature is that you can use more than one on a motor shaft if you want a wider wheel. 6" in diameter and 3/4" wide, they are rated for 3450 rpm. An included bushing lets you use them on either 1/2" or 5/8" diameter shafts.