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Although the name implies that it removes moisture from the air, this device is essentially a compact, energy-efficient convection heater that gently warms the air, keeping the temperature above the dew point to prevent condensation and inhibit formation of rust, mold and mildew.

Long popular among firearms collectors and boat owners, it can be mounted inside a small enclosed space such as a cabinet or closet to provide continuous maintenance-free protection for items susceptible to moisture damage. Each low-profile cylindrical heater has a 3/4" diameter brass-plated steel housing, a 70" power cord, and a pair of clip-on legs with small slots for screw-mount installation. For best results, use the largest size that fits the space, mounting it near the bottom to ensure optimal air circulation.

The 12" (12W) model is effective on spaces up to 100 cu.ft., the 18" (18W) model is suitable for spaces up to 200 cu.ft., and the 24" (25W) model protects up to 300 cu.ft. Each operates with a maximum surface temperature of 150°F/65°C. UL/CUL certified. A simple, economical means of preventing humidity damage in storage.

Made in USA.