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The Veritas bench is the most solid and versatile bench on the market, and with our patented (and popular) twin-screw vise, our large front vise and four brass bench dogs, it meets all your clamping needs.

It is an exceptionally solid bench with truss-rod construction that lets you tune climate-induced slackness out of it at any time. The bench trestle is a straightforward design – all butt joints, no mortise and tenon work – but more rigid than any other.

The twin-screw vise is a full-width end vise that has 12" of clamping capacity and can be used for side or top clamping with no racking, even when clamping in a single dog row. The chain drive maintains jaw parallelism. When you want a jaw skewed to equalize clamping force on a slightly irregular workpiece, a spring pin can be released for independent screw operation up to one turn in either direction. The front vise has a 1 1/8" diameter screw and 13" of clamping capacity.

Other Veritas bench accessories are compatible, such as our Wonder Dog clamp and our hold-down.

The bench top consists of two laminated maple slabs and a birch plywood center trough, giving a working surface of 26" × 76" (vise closed). The slabs are pre-drilled with a double row of 3/4" dia. dog holes that result in a symmetrical 7 3/4" grid. Bench height is 35". Each measures 10 3/4" × 72 3/4" × 2" thick and weighs 40 lb.

The bench is available with either a pair of our cast-iron bench legs (33" high, 23" wide with wooden stretchers and 48" long truss-rod assemblies) or a traditional hardwood base.

Total weight is 315 lb for the bench with a cast-iron base and 230 lb for the bench with a hardwood base. Some minor assembly is required.

Bench parts, twin-screw vise and bench dogs are made in Canada and USA.