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Based on a French design, this classic holdfast can effectively clamp workpieces to benchtops ranging from 2" to 8" thick.

The 17" long post is straight-sided to work consistently even in a high position, and has a rough-textured surface along its length to enable gripping thick stock. Designed to fit tightly in a drilled 1" hole; variations in the individually made holdfasts may require reaming the hole slightly wider.

Simply position the arm over the workpiece, insert the post into the hole, then tap the top of the elbow with a mallet to simultaneously clamp the work and wedge the post in place. Striking the post from behind releases it.

Made from crack-resistant ductile iron at a family-run foundry in Cincinnati that has been in business for more than 160 years, the holdfast weighs 5 lb and can clamp as far as 6 5/8" from the post.

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