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These mounting plates attach to the bottom of a Bessey auto-adjust toggle clamp, allowing you to quickly position the clamp anywhere you can drill a hole instead of permanently attaching it to a surface.

One has a 5" long steel post that is easy to insert into any 3/4" diameter hole, but cants slightly when clamping force is applied so that barb-shaped ridges along its length prevent upward movement. The thickness of the aluminum plate adds 3/8" to the maximum capacity of the horizontal clamps, but doesn't affect their minimum; you can still adjust the clamps to hold materials as thin as a sheet of paper against a surface. The center height of the in-line clamp is increased to 1 1/4".

The other mounting plate lets you easily position the clamp in the dog holes of the Festool MFT/3 multifunction table instead of permanently attaching it to a surface. The 20mm diameter post on the plate is 11/16" long, just less than the table top's 3/4" thickness. To secure the plate, it is threaded internally for use with an MFT accessory clamping knob; while most MFT owners already have a few extra Festool knobs around, an inexpensive star-shaped knob can be purchased separately.

Bolts for mounting a clamp are included. A more efficient way to use already convenient clamps. Made in Canada.

We also offer the toggle clamp plate as a set with a high-profile horizontal, low-profile horizontal or in-line clamp.

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