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Designed for easy adjustment, these traditional bench vises have steel spindles and large cast-iron faces. The movable jaw has a slight inward cant to let the top of the jaw touch first as it closes. Under clamping pressure, this jaw becomes parallel with the fixed jaw, providing more consistent pressure over the entire jaw face so work is held securely.

The quick release is designed for one-handed operation; the screw is disengaged by two counterclockwise turns of the handle, allowing work to be held with one hand as the vise is quickly adjusted with the other.

Both jaws are through-drilled for wooden face-plate attachments. The moving jaw has an adjustable steel dog. The large vise requires a space 20" long for the spindle and guide rods. The medium and small sizes require 18" and 13" respectively. The small vise has a jaw width of 7" and a maximum open size of 8"; the medium vise has a jaw width of 9" and a maximum open size of 13"; the large vise has a jaw width of 10 1/2" and a maximum open size of 15".

All are excellent for equipping a new bench, or adding to an existing one. Well manufactured by a small firm in Europe.

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