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Often used in greenhouses or for watering seedlings, and also great for potted plants in the home or office, capillary mats provide a steady supply of water without overwatering.

This sturdy tray offers the benefits of capillary-mat watering in a tidy, self-contained unit that is sized to fit on most windowsills, where your plants can get the most sunlight, or on a shelf or counter.

Pots rest directly on a capillary mat, allowing roots and soil to wick water through the pot's drainage holes from an ample 3.4 litre reservoir bottom. Measuring 30" × 7", the tray accommodates several pots.

An inner support platform keeps plants above the water level, and a convenient fill hole lets you top up the reservoir as needed.

Made in England from UV-stable recycled polystyrene, it is ideal for plants that don't like water on their leaves, and for keeping plants watered while you are away (for up to 14 days).

Replacement capillary mat sold separately.

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