Accessibility Statement


This controller connects your Wi-Fi water timer(s) and rain gauge to your home Wi-Fi, enabling you to manage your home watering system remotely through an easy-to-use app.

One controller connects multiple devices within the same household. This allows you to automate and monitor the watering of several areas without having to purchase separate controllers.

Once your Wi-Fi water timer is connected to the controller, you’ll be able to create a watering schedule, control and monitor your water output, and delay watering in the event of rain, all by using the app. If you have purchased a Wi-Fi rain gauge, the controller will also connect to this device to provide you with weather and rainfall insights through the app.

The controller has a USB port and cord, and plugs into a USB power port you supply.

This device is intended to be used with the Wi-Fi one-zone water timer, Wi-Fi two-zone water timer or Wi-Fi rain gauge (sold separately).

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