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Unlike the Wi-Fi one-zone water timer, which only connects to one hose, the two-zone version permits you to remotely manage watering schedules for two hoses through an app. Linked to a controller (sold separately) that connects it to your home Wi-Fi, it can be used alone or with other one-zone or two-zone timers to manage watering for additional hoses.

Through the app, you’re able to create six advanced watering schedules set up any way you like. You can program it to deploy only on odd or even days, weekdays or weekends, or use the override setting to bypass the watering schedule altogether.

When you set a water usage and/or duration limit in the app, the timer pauses watering once the limit has been reached – for instance, after 10 minutes or once you have used 4 gallons of water, whichever comes first. Your water usage data is recorded in the app, with monthly and daily statistics measured and displayed in a long-term or short-term curve.

An optional cycle and soak mode allows you to turn your water on and off in second-long increments for application when using misting irrigation systems or a soaker hose. This intermittently pauses the flow to let water sink into the soil, reducing runoff and evaporation, which is beneficial for those with slow-draining soil.

The app displays a weather forecast for your area, so you can check if it is going to rain and then set the rain delay feature to pause watering for up to 72 hours.

As with all water connectors, remove the water timer from the faucet before frost hits to prevent damage. Requires four AA batteries (not included).

This item requires the use of a controller (sold separately), which connects the timer to your home Wi-Fi.

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