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This sliding door hardware lets you hang a door where space constraints or traffic flow would make a swinging door impractical. They are easy to install; the top track surface-mounts on the wall over the doorway and no bottom track is necessary. A small floor-mounted guide on one side of the doorway keeps the door stable and aligned.

This hardware is made of stainless steel with a brushed finish.

Each 55mm (2 3/16") diameter roller is mounted on bearings and has a nylon center for smooth, quiet travel. The rollers mount on top of the door and ride on a hollow stainless-steel rod 25mm (1") in diameter. At 2m (78") long, the rod provides full travel for a door up to 1m (39") wide. The five brackets used to mount it on the wall grip the rod securely, distributing the weight of the door; mounted to wooden studs, the hardware will support a door weighing up to 80kg (176 lb).

Spring-loaded bumpers soften the impact of the door at either end of the track. To stabilize the bottom of the door, the kit provides the choice of guide brackets or a guide post that fits into a slot in the bottom of the door.

All required mounting fasteners are included.