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This hardware is used to install a set of overlay sliding doors on a cabinet or armoire frame. The kit includes 78" aluminum top and bottom tracks, two sets of top and bottom rollers for hanging the door panels, plus door stops and soft-closing mechanisms.

Designed to provide a range of vertical adjustment, the top rollers have ball bearings and soft plastic treads to ensure smooth, quiet operation. The soft-closing mechanisms gently pull the doors closed in the last few inches of travel. The top and bottom tracks mount outside the cabinet frame; both are hidden from view when the doors are closed, and can be cut to length. Suitable for door panels from 18mm (11/16") thick to 40mm (1 9/16") thick and up to 70kg (150 lb).

For mounting additional doors or covering a wider opening, we offer additional mounting hardware for an inner or outer door, as well as 78" sections of top and bottom tracks.