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Sliding door hardware lets you hang a door where a swinging door would be impractical due to space constraints or traffic flow. Easy to install, the top track surface-mounts on the wall over the doorway and no bottom track is necessary. A small floor-mounted guide on one side of the doorway keeps the door stable and aligned.

The rollers of this sliding door hardware run in an enclosed anodized aluminum track. This keeps the rollers securely in the track and supports them on both sides. Each roller can be adjusted independently to level the door and has four bearing-mounted nylon wheels to provide smooth, quiet travel.

The stops at either end of the track have catches to hold the door fully open or closed, engaging or releasing with just a firm tug on the door. A floor-mounted guide fits into a slot in the bottom of the door to prevent it from swinging.

The kit provides the hardware to hang one door: two rollers, the track, two end stops and a floor-mounted guide roller. The track, at just under 2m (78") long, provides full travel for a door up to 1m (39") wide. Screws for attaching the rollers to the door are included; you supply the screws for mounting the track to the wall.

Maximum door weight is 80kg (176 lb).

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