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To make it easier to get started with the rewarding hobby of pen turning, we’ve put together a convenient kit that contains the parts you need at an approximately 20% saving compared to purchasing the included components separately.

The kit contains three high-quality Berea Hardwoods pen kits (slim ballpoint), a mandrel for securing blanks to the lathe for turning, bushings sized to match the brass tubes in the pen kits, and CA glue. You supply pen blanks of your choice.

Also included are a 7mm brad-point bit for drilling a channel in the blank, and a 7mm pilot shaft and 25mm cutter head for squaring and trimming blanks and removing glue squeeze-out after the brass tube has been glued into the pen body. To allow for mishaps during turning or assembly, extra brass tubes are included.

Stores in a durable polypropylene divider box large enough to keep additional blanks and pen kits organized and accessible.

The kit is available in #1 and #2 Morse taper (MT) versions to fit most lathes; check your lathe’s instruction manual to determine which kind you have.

An easy, economical way to explore pen turning.

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