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With this hardware kit, along with a few basic tools and some standard lumber that you supply, building your own strong, sturdy worktable is a straightforward project that's well within the skills of most.

Using 4 × 4s as legs, 2 × 4s as runners and your choice of top (3/4" plywood recommended), you can build a worktable that requires only 90° cuts and no additional joinery. The completed table has a lower shelf for storage and can measure up to 6' in any dimension to suit your needs or available space (any span greater than 6' may require additional bracing).

The hardware kit comes with eight three-sided corner brackets made of 14 gauge (2mm thick) steel with a durable powder-coat finish, ensuring squareness in assembly and ample strength and rigidity at all corner connections. Also includes 64 lag screws (5/16" × 1 1/2") and washers.

An easy, economical and highly functional project.

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