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Commonly used by chefs, this 100% unbleached cotton-canvas pastry cloth is an ideal surface for rolling out pie crusts, biscuits, cookies and other dough. When a small amount of flour is rubbed into the cloth, it prevents the dough from sticking and the minimal flour transfer prevents dough from becoming tough. Even the stickiest sugar cookie dough can be rolled out, cut and lifted right off the cloth without having to add more flour.

Clean-up is as easy as brushing off the 20" (508mm) by 24" (609mm) pastry cloth. It can then be folded, returned to its package and stored in the refrigerator. If it becomes oily, rinse thoroughly in hot water, lay on a flat surface, smooth out any wrinkles and allow it to air dry (do not iron).

The 100% unbleached cotton-knit rolling pin cover works in the same way (usable on our French-style rolling pin as well as standard rolling pins). Once a little flour is rubbed into the fibres, the rolling pin will release dough with minimal sticking. It is 15" (381mm) long and fits rolling pins from 1.35" (34mm) up to 3" (76mm) in diameter.

Made in USA.

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