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This extensive guide, published by America’s Test Kitchen, shows how to successfully prepare widely available cuts of beef, veal, pork and lamb, as well as ground meat. More than a recipe book, it demystifies meat cuts, explaining how large primal cuts sold wholesale eventually arrive as roasts, steaks and chops for purchase at the meat counter.

The authors begin by explaining how to buy, store and prepare meat for cooking. They cover a range of cooking techniques from roasting, pan searing, braising and stewing to grilling and slow cooking. Recipes for spice rubs to use before cooking are provided, as well as recipes for sauces, relishes, chutneys and butters to serve with meats.

The following chapters are organized by type of meat and then by cut. Each contains information on the meat animal as well as a diagram showing the source of various cuts, and expert advice on preparing the cuts. Tutorials show how to prepare highlighted recipes.

In addition to the alphabetical index, a recipe list organized by type of meat and cut is included. Supplemented with color photos, unit conversions and equivalents charts, as well as nutritional information for the more than 350 recipes in the book, the guide makes an invaluable reference for any home cook’s library.

Hardcover, 9" × 10 1/2", 420 pages, 2020.

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