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The result of a collaboration between Japanese master blacksmiths Master Ikeda and Master Yoshiwaka, this finely made saw has ripping teeth on one edge to cut with the grain, and a 17 tpi pattern of fleam-cut teeth on the other for working across or diagonal to the grain.

Both edges are set to 0.0280" and filed in an Ikeda pattern, which consists of set teeth combined with pairs of minimally set raker teeth at regular intervals. The rakers remove wood at the middle of the kerf, reducing friction and allowing the set teeth to cut more efficiently. The ripping teeth are graduated from 9 tpi at the haft to 6 tpi at the tip to make starting easier.

To minimize binding, the 9 1/2" blade has been hand scraped to a gentle taper; thickness tapers from 0.0265" at the haft to 0.0140" at the tip, and from 0.0155" at the toothline to 0.0140" at the center of the blade.

The blade has a black oxide finish for rust resistance. Measuring 22 1/4" overall, the saw has a bamboo-wrapped wooden handle.

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