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For small-area scraping jobs where you might be tempted to reach for your metal ruler or some other straight edge, this versatile scraper offers a good alternative.

Specifically designed for small-space scraping, it is made of flexible carbon steel that can be re-honed. In our testing, we found it to be hardened to Rc50 – softer than our other card scrapers, but for its size and the small jobs it is most useful for, it met our needs.

Sure to become favored by restorers and refinishers, it has a rounded end that is useful for cleaning glue from round mortises or scraping curved moldings, and a flat end for getting into any number of places too tight for a card scraper. It also works well for applying small amounts of wood filler to conceal nail holes.

At 7 7/8" long by 9/16" wide by 0.028" thick, it is sized for carrying in an apron pocket so you can keep one close at hand.

Makes a nice complement to your scraper assortment – and saves gumming up your ruler.

Made in the Czech Republic.

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