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Tapering stock can be tricky – a challenge that is multiplied when ripping a series of workpieces to a matching angle, such as when making tapered furniture legs.

Designed for use with the GRR-Ripper system, this jig is easy to set and helps ensure accurate, repeatable results when making angled rip cuts on a table saw. The body of the jig registers against the saw fence, and the hinged arm swings out to the desired taper angle and locks in position to guide your stock.

You can set any angle up to 10°, either by using one of the built-in scales or freehand. The degree scale has stops in 1/8° increments, and the rise/run scale has stops in increments of 1/16" of rise per foot of run.

The jig is also helpful when milling rough stock on a table saw; set to its jointing configuration, with the arm at 0°, it provides a straight reference to register against the saw fence and serves as a large push block on top of the board as you cut a clean edge.

Made of sturdy 1/4" thick high-impact polystyrene, the 8 1/2" × 25" jig has two positions for mounting the GRR-Ripper system, greatly improving safety (for long stock, using two guide blocks is recommended).

An instructional booklet and DVD are included.

Made in USA.

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