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Gramercy Tools of Brooklyn, New York, develops hand tools that are based on historical examples but are not reproductions. The best features are incorporated into hybrids produced with modern materials and manufacturing processes.

Inspired by the classic 19th-century Wentworth #2 saw-sharpening vise, this large, robust vise has the mass and rigidity needed to dampen vibration and limit flex in the blade, holding it dead-still while you file. The cam mechanism is fast and easy to operate, clamping the blade solidly across the width of the 14" jaws, which are machined on the inside faces for even contact with the saw plate. The wide jaws let you sharpen most backsaws without repositioning; even a full-size handsaw requires repositioning only once. The outside jaw faces slope away from the top of the vise at a 45° angle, giving the clearance needed to file sloping gullets.

The vise is designed to be mounted to a backer board that you clamp to the front of a workbench or other heavy, stable construction (backer board and six #8 machine bolts not included). Made of heavy-gauge sheet steel, the vise weighs just under 7.5 lb.

Made in the USA to exceptional standards.

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