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To clear weeds from overgrown ponds without chemical herbicides, this tool can be used to cut aquatic plants off at the root, then gather the loose weeds afterwards. Measuring just over 8' long overall, the rake can be held by the handle to reach weeds from a shoreline or dock, or pitched into the water and dragged back using the 30' buoyant rope.

Made of lightweight, rustproof aluminum, the 35 1/2" wide rake head has 2 3/4" long tines, each with a bevel-edged tip that cuts stems as it runs across the bottom. To collect cut vegetation from the surface, the rake comes with two floats that can be attached to the head to make it buoyant. It has a folding head and coated aluminum handle that separates into three sections for storage.

A simple, effective way to clear weed-choked areas.

Consult local environmental regulations before using this product on public waterways, as some jurisdictions prohibit removal of native plants from waterways and shorelines. We also recommend identifying any vegetation you’re dealing with, since disturbing some invasive aquatic plants can help them spread.

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