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Used to gather loose weeds and debris from ponds, beaches and wet areas, this oversize rake works two ways. To rake on or near the bottom, you can use the slow-sinking head as is, or fill it with sand or other weight to sink it faster. To collect material from the surface, you can make the rake head float by attaching a length of foam pool noodle or other buoyant material. The 37" wide head lets you cover large areas quickly and the strong, flexible plastic tines deflect off rocks and obstructions. Made of aluminum and weighing less than 7 lb, it can be held by the 11' handle or pitched and retrieved using the 43' rope.

The Weed Raker is also available in a set with the Weed Razer Pro at a small saving.

Before using this product on public waterways, consult local environmental regulations, as some jurisdictions prohibit removal of native plants from waterways and shorelines. We also recommend identifying any vegetation you’re dealing with, since disturbing some invasive aquatic plants can help them spread.

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