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You can easily check the pH level of your garden soil with this quick-read meter, ensuring that your plants have the correct balance for healthy, vigorous growth. It requires no tablets, paper strips or batteries – chemical reactions between the bi-metal probe and acidic or alkaline soil produce enough voltage to make the indicator needle move, measuring pH from 3.5 (strongly acidic) to 9 (strongly alkaline). All you need to do between test locations is wipe the dirt off the probe. The 26 1/2" long cord lets you insert the 4 1/4" probe into the soil with one hand and hold the meter in your other hand to easily read the results.

A chart listing over 430 plant species and their preferred pH range is provided, along with instructions for adjusting the pH of your soil. Includes a cleaning pad for removing any oxide that accumulates on the probe between uses. A simple way to check the pH of your garden soil.

The pH meter is also available in a set with the moisture meter.

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