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The best way to make sure you aren't inadvertently overwatering or underwatering a plant is to test the actual moisture content of the soil. Requiring no batteries, this meter has a bi-metal probe that gauges the conductivity of the soil to measure moisture content, indicated by readings from 0 to 10 on the display. By consulting a companion guide, which lists moisture requirements for 170 plant types, you can determine whether the plant needs water immediately, has good moisture, or has been over-watered.

For example, a reading of 4 indicates adequate water for a hibiscus, while a nasturtium (optimum moisture level 7) would need to be watered. The 26 1/2" long flexible cord lets you hold the meter in one hand for easy viewing, while using the other hand to insert the 4 1/4" probe into the soil. An easy, accurate way to assess your plant's true watering requirements.

The moisture meter is also available paired with a pH meter in a set.

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