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A simple way to secure knock-down panel constructions, these button-and-socket couplers are literally a snap to engage and disengage. Mounted to one panel, the 18mm (3/4") diameter button projects 8mm (5/16") and connects with a socket fitting on an adjacent panel, locking with an audible click, so you can be sure all parts are properly joined.

To join two perpendicular panels, the coupler holds the edge of one panel flush against the other panel face. The 90° socket requires a 50mm × 18mm (2" × 11/16") mounting area and uses #8 screws.

Available with two different types of button fixtures; one has a 7/32" diameter hole for a #10 wood screw, and the other has a 6mm hole for use with a 5mm diameter Euro screw.

All parts are tough nylon; mounting screws not included. Four buttons and four sockets per set.

Made in U.K.

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