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A simple way to secure knock-down panel constructions, these button-and-socket couplers are literally a snap to engage and disengage. Mounted to one panel, the 18mm (3/4") diameter button projects 8mm (5/16") and connects with a socket fitting on an adjacent panel, locking with an audible click, so you can be sure all parts are properly joined.

Each requires a 52mm × 45mm (2 1/8" × 1 7/8") mounting area for the socket and can be surface-mounted directly to the panel face using #8 pan-head screws, creating an 8mm (5/16") offset between the panels, or can be recessed (#8 flat-head screws required) for a closer fit, with 3mm (1/8") of offset.

Available with two different types of button fixtures; one has a 7/32" diameter hole for a #10 wood screw, and the other has a 6mm hole for use with a 5mm diameter Euro screw.

All parts are tough nylon; mounting screws not included. Four buttons and four sockets per set.

Made in U.K.

Requires two overlapping 5mm (3/16") deep holes made with a 24mm forstner bit.

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