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Tension rod construction is a strong and versatile method for building rigid trestles and knock-down furniture. Its main drawback is the limited choice of attractive hardware for exposed rod ends. The most common solution, acorn nuts with washers, suits few furniture styles. Our tension rod fittings address this problem.

Sized to fit either 3/8-16 UNC or 1/2-13 UNC standard threaded rod, these aluminum nuts are designed to look good when left exposed. Each nut has four tightening holes spaced around the outer edge to accept a 1/4" diameter lever for tightening (a 4" long steel lever is available separately). The large nut diameter distributes the compressive force to minimize material crushing, while affording a suitable moment arm to apply as much tension as one is likely to want.

Satin-black anodized finish with a slightly domed profile.

(Nut diameter stated is nominal.)

Made in Canada.

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