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Made largely from washable high-impact polypropylene, these Italian-made bottom-mount waste containers have galvanized steel slide mechanisms, removable bins and snug-fitting covers. As you draw the bins forward, a lip at the front of the cover flips out of the way, permitting greater access to the open bins. Both models have fixed covers that can double as shelf space. Supplied with mounting hardware.

The 28 litre container has two removable 14 litre (14.8 quart) bin inserts that travel on a slide-mounted steel carriage. Requires a cabinet space a minimum of 250mm (9 7/8") wide, 450mm (17 3/4") tall and 465mm (18 5/16") deep.

The 42 litre container has two removable 21-litre (22.2 quart) bins held within a slide-mounted plastic housing. One of the bins can be partitioned with an included divider. The slide mechanism has an optional actuating arm that can be used to connect the slide mechanism to a right- or left-hand cupboard door. When the arm is connected, the bins automatically travel with the door; when it is disconnected, the bins operate manually. Requires a cabinet space that is a minimum of 525mm (20 3/4") tall, 475mm (18 3/4") deep and 350mm (13 3/4") wide, or 400mm (15 3/4") wide when using the actuating arm. Drilling template and installation instructions included with this size only.

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