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When paired with a RGB+W color controller and power supply, this amplifier ensures that the color and intensity is the same throughout a lighting system.

Ordinarily, the brightness and color balance of LEDs on a run of tape light is less reliable the further they are from the power source, due to voltage drop. By patching in an amplifier with an additional power supply, the drop in voltage can be countered, taking the signal from the color controller and boosting the power to extend it up to 200' away in the system. With signal amplifiers and power supplies added as needed, runs of effectively unlimited length can be created and adjusted with a single controller.

Wattage needed for the power supply is determined by the power requirements of the section of tape light the amplifier is connected to. The professional-grade, high-capacity components are rated up to 576 watts for 24-volt applications, with no minimum load required, and the unit has integral overload and overheating protection. CSA listed; conforms to UL Standard 8750.

For best installation results, we recommend using five-conductor 22 gauge flat ribbon wire, available separately.

Not compatible with our 12V LED lighting system.

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