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All RGB W lighting requires a color controller to blend the white, red, green and blue LEDs into a custom color. Suitable for 12V and 24V LED lighting, this color controller has three modes – RGB only, white only or RGB W combined – letting you operate the color and white LEDs independently or at the same time.

With a lower profile than the Proline model, this remote control unit is a good option when the receiver is installed in a visible location. Connecting it to a run of RGB W LED tape lighting allows you to adjust the brightness and hue, switch between colored and white light, or apply various lighting effects such as strobe and fade, and may more.

The included remote control operates by radio frequency, so you don’t need a direct line of sight to use it, and a single remote can be paired with multiple receivers to conveniently control several lighting zones. The radio signal works up to 50' from the receiver.

We offer two other controllers: a Proline WiFi controller that gives you the ability to control the lighting system over WiFi through the free Tuya Smart app on your smartphone or smart assistant, and a Proline controller without the Wi-Fi option.

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