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U.S. Cavalry Cartoons is a collection from the work of one of the great cartoonists of the last century, J.R. Williams. As with most of Williams' cartoons, these reflect his own experience. He did a stint in the U.S. Cavalry in the early 1900s but kept coming back to this experience over the 35 years (1922 - 1957) that he drew Out Our Way, a cartoon that was syndicated in some 700 newspapers.

He is best known for his gentle humor based on extensive experiences and observations of his subject matter. His army experience, plus the years spent as a cowboy and, later, as a machinist, gave him unique insights into the lives of wage workers. His cavalry cartoons reflect the end of an era when the cavalry had been superseded but had yet to admit it.

Smyth-sewn softcover, 6" × 7 1/2", 136 pages. Reprinted as part of our Classic Reprint Series.