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These are the same cushioning mats used in commercial settings for workers who stand for long periods. Made from a resilient closed-cell polyurethane foam designed to suspend and distribute body weight, they help relieve pressure points on your feet and reduce strain on joints and muscles. The 3/4" thick foam ensures that you won't bottom out. It has enough mass and traction to provide stable footing, and immediately returns to its original form after being compressed. The mats lie flat with no tendency to curl at the corners, and have gently bevelled edges to provide a smooth transition to the floor. Resistant to punctures and abrasion, the non-slip material won’t absorb liquids and resists staining.

The mats are available in two sizes. The 24" × 36" mat provides one person room to maneuver within a small area, and is available in brown and granite.

The 24" × 72" mat is suitable in areas where you have to move, such as alongside a counter or in locations used by more than one person at a time. Brown only.

Made in USA.

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