Accessibility Statement


Cords are great tie-downs, but you frequently have nothing to attach them to. Not any more.

We designed a holder, incorporating one of our 1" dia. rare-earth magnets, that is low profile and has a 1/4" cross-drilled hole to accept hooks. The holder also has a 1" split ring to hold thicker cord or hooks. The holding strength depends on the direction of pull and the thickness of steel you are attaching it to. It will take a 30 lb direct pull off 1/8" steel plate and a still respectable 10 lb pull at a 45° angle off common truck-box steel, which is usually 0.045" thick.

The 1 1/8" dia. base is covered with a soft, high-friction disc that makes it non-marring in use. The holders are chrome plated.

Made in Canada.

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