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A banneton, or proofing basket, supports bread dough during its second rise after the loaf has been shaped, preventing the dough from flattening as the gluten relaxes. Made from 100% natural unfinished rattan, it allows the surface of the dough to dry while proofing, forming a skin that results in a crispier crust and more dramatic results from scoring the bread before baking. To bake your loaf, invert the basket so the dough falls gently onto a peel or baking pan, score the top, and bake. The banneton itself does not go into the oven.

The banneton comes with a cotton-blend liner and cover. The cover is used to prevent the top of the dough from drying out during proofing, while the liner is used with very wet doughs or when you want the crust of your finished loaf to have a smooth texture. Left unlined, the basket’s coil pattern will leave an attractive imprint on the dough.

To prevent your dough from sticking, the banneton, cover and liner must be seasoned before they are first used. Mist with water, follow with a generous dusting of flour and leave to dry. Dust with flour again before use; any excess flour may be removed with a stiff pastry brush.

The 10 1/4" long, 2 3/4" deep, 4 3/4" wide oval basket is suitable for approximately 400g to 650g (0.88 lb to 1.4 lb) of dough.

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