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Our original intent was to design a nesting set of stainless-steel cookie racks that had a fine mesh to avoid distortion of cookies and muffins when set out to cool. The racks are 10 1/2" × 16" and 3/4" high, but nest to a total thickness of only 7/8", minimizing storage space.

Along the way we discovered they were ideal for spatter-free cooking of bacon in the oven. The advantage of cooking bacon in the oven is that it produces evenly cooked bacon with no scorching, no fat pockets, and no mess. We then discovered that putting the bacon between the racks produces perfectly flat bacon as well.

Complete cooking instructions are included with the dishwasher and oven-safe racks. Supplied as a set of two, the racks fit in a standard half-sheet cookie pan that measures 11" × 16 1/2".

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