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Inspired by a circa 1920s kitchen tool, this spatula is ideally suited for the home breakfast chef. It excels when cooking eggs, bacon, home fries, pancakes and French toast.

The long blade is narrow, thin and flexible, allowing it to conform to cookware surfaces and slide under delicate foods without ploughing them up. It is nimble enough to pick up a soft poached egg or delicate serving of steamed fish, yet firm enough to flip a burger, fold an omelet or press a grilled cheese sandwich. The 11 blade slots are positioned to help drain off fat, broth or other liquids.

Made from high-quality hardened stainless steel, the blade is 0.018" thick and 2 1/2" wide with a length of 6" for extended reach. Although an unusual shape and size, the hardwood “bullet-style” handle (1920s term) tucks nicely into the palm, improving dexterity and control. The spatula is 11 3/4" long overall.

Hand wash only (dishwasher detergent and heat will damage the wooden handle).

Includes a fitted storage guard to protect the blade.

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