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This is a book of old-world recipes and techniques for preserving food, none of which involve freezing or pressure canning. It contains an assortment of mouthwatering recipes for preserving by drying, cold storage, lactic fermentation, or using oil, vinegar, salt, sugar and alcohol. The authors are farmers and gardeners in rural France who still use these traditional and effective methods of preservation.

Recipes include apples dried with elderflowers (which gives them a pineapple flavor), vegetable bouillon powder (made from dried vegetables and herbs), pistou (oil seasoned with basil and garlic), goat cheese in oil, cherry tomatoes in vinegar, pickled garlic (great in salads), green beans in brine, porvidl (a dark red plum jam), apple-pear molasses, blackcurrant syrup, and raspberries in brandy. 216 recipes in all.

Previously released under the title Keeping Food Fresh.

Softcover, 6" × 9", 198 pages, 1999. Revised in 2006.

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